Teaching and helping kids develop values around their relationships with God and people.


Nursery and Kids’ Church Serves Ages up to 12 Years Old

RELATE Kids’ Church

Relate Kid’s Church, like all of our small groups, focuses on the wisdom and values outlined by 1 Corinthians chapter 13 (the famous love chapter in the Bible). Using the classic challenge of WWJD, kids discuss real life situations and learn to apply love: “How Jesus would love!” Learning the way of LOVE is the goal, because it doesn’t come naturally. We recognize that Jesus expressed a desire to be close to the children, and our desire is to help them grow closer to Him.

When You Arrive

For nursery and children up to 4 years old, come in the South Parking Lot entrance to the main building and you will be given direction to the nursery and toddler area. For children ages 5 to 12, Kid’s Church is in the building behind the main building called The Shack. We do request that if you decide to keep your children with you in our sanctuary that you have them use the restroom before service, and that you are mindful that we may have someone attending that needs to make a life-changing decision today. Any distractions can keep that from happening for them.

Children Who Have Been or Are Ill

If your child has been ill in the last 24 hours, we do request that you do not bring a sick child to church. Our parents need assurance that when they drop their children off we have provided a safe and healthy environment as much as possible.

Approved Kids’ Workers

You can rest assured we have done our due diligence in providing the best of care for your children with ladies.

Our Nursery and Toddler Room