Being Our Guest Is Easy

If you plan your visit, we will prepare:

  • Parking: A reserved parking space
  • Welcome: A personal greeter to help you and your family get settled
  • Gift: A welcome box
  • Seating: Your preferred seating reserved (left, right, front, back, or choose to find your own seat)

RELATE: Just Jesus and Family

John and Angela Eaton

John and Angela have been in full-time ministry since 1993, and John has been a corporate chaplain and chaplain coach with Marketplace Chaplains since 2007. RELATE Church is their passion and they sense it is a small part of something big that God is doing in our nation.

RELATE isn’t just our name; it is bigger than that. RELATE is an acronym that teaches us how to have Biblical relationships with God, each other, and our daily connections. We have seen marriages get better, people get promotions at work, and even parenting skills improve for those who use it. RELATE has built a strong church family that enjoys freedom from church politics and religious elites.

Simply put, RELATE is about Jesus and family, with one mission: To learn and practice the way of love with God and people. RELATE is a God-given family of your choice. We are a place to call home where you can belong. We love, we serve, we give, and live… really live. Plan to visit with us this Sunday.

Sunday—When and Where

Sunday worship service begins at 10:15 at:
Southern Chapel
5101 FM424
Cross Roads, TX 76227
Nursery and church for the kids too!
Google Map link here