Small Groups

Call or text John Eaton at (214) 733-3069 for small group information and directions.

Wednesdays 7 - 8am: Men’s Bible study and breakfast at The Shack (the building right behind the chapel). Google Map
Thursdays 6:30 - 8pm: Students 7th grade - college meet (free pizza, fun, and teaching).

As we move beyond COVID-19 and get into a new time in our lives, Relate members are preparing to offer the groups listed below in the very near future. We will push to schedule the groups most requested first. Let us know what group or groups you would like to join!

Are You Interested in a Small Group?

Text (214) 733-3069 to express your interest in a topic or topics listed below and to get more information.

Anger Management: Beginning steps in managing anger. Methods to help you control anger in your relationships. Ten steps for preventing anger’s control in your life.
A Passionate Pursuit of God: How to move into God’s inner circle, how to listen for the voice of God, and how to enjoy the freedom of worship.
Authentic Living in an Artificial World: Authentic people who are living in authentic Christian Community are powerful witnesses.
Committed Couples: Helps each married and engaged couple grow spiritually and emotionally in their relationship to each other through an awareness and application of biblical principles.
Completely Free: This group study of Romans 1-8 and 12 helps Christians break out of the dull routine of a stagnant spiritual life.
Concerned Persons: It is designed for the many people who have a current or past relationship with a person who has a life-controlling problem.
Dating and Marriage: Help for those who want to get the relationship thing right and do it God’s way, with no regrets.
Facing Fear: Scripture to build faith, biblical coping methods for facing fear, comfort to those facing fear.
Financial Success: Help for those who desire to help and guide people who may have financial challenges or those who have never learned how to be good stewards of money and jobs.
Free to Grow: Helps people overcome disappointments and setbacks that have arrested or are presently hindering their emotional and spiritual development.
Godly Heroes: A step-by-step study of Hebrews 11. Featuring the profile of the characteristics of Godly heroes, written in language that relates to today’s living.
Godly Parenting: Addresses parenting skills from the time of conception until the child has reached adulthood.
Handling Grief: Offers biblical coping methods for facing loss of a loved-one or a friend and comfort to those who have faced loss.
Insight Group: A foundational study for Christians to get onto the path to Godly character.
Stepping into Freedom: Helps anyone struggling with a life-controlling problem like drug addiction, alcoholism, sexual addiction, gambling, or workaholism.
Ten Commandments: Helps us understand God’s boundaries. It shows how the Ten Commandments apply today.
Understanding Depression: This study helps with depression, a condition common throughout the world, and is suggested for use in support groups and Christian counseling.