We Value

If it’s in the Bible, we believe it, with no extremes.
We value people: Not buildings or programs. People matter to God.
We value kids: Letting kids see the God of peace, love, and joy—and providing an incredible God experience for life-long worship.
We value growth: Helping you get to whatever the next level in your life is.
We value connection: Focusing on issues and things that unite us, not that divide us.
We value Truth: Looking past feelings, philosophy, and man-made theology, to embrace Truth.
We value relevance: Not just teaching about God, but answering the how-tos.
We value new beginnings: Marking the wisdom of the past, and beginning again today.
We value peace: A church environment free of politics and human power.
We value God’s presence: Connecting God to every moment in our lives.
We value creativity: Same message—relevant methods.
We value the Bible: Any translation or paraphrase that takes us closer to God.
We value prayer: Connecting with God all day, every day.
We value strength: No whining around here. Get glad the same way you got mad.
We value community: No island mentality. Each of us affect our community.
We value your ministry: God’s purpose for your life to be realized.