"I didn't understand what it meant to "apply the RELATE approach" to a difficult situation at first. But, it sank in quickly. The idea that my blaming someone else for my negative emotions simply gives that person more control over me is overwhelming and refreshing at the same time. I love how simply starting at the "RE-ROUTE MY THINKING" step can help me immensely. ELEVATING the other person in my thoughts can be challenging; but remembering that God loves us all is a good place to start. LISTING MY (and the other person's) THREATS has helped me find new compassion in old relationships. To ADMIT MY PART is often the most difficult step... sometimes my part is huge. At other times I am simply acting on incorrect information or choosing to not forgive. TURNING FROM MY SIN requires that I look at myself with truth... as a sinner saved by grace, just like everyone else, so I don't feel so alone or hopeless. ENLISTING ACCOUNTABILITY is the long-term relationship between me and another person who is trying to RELATE!"
 (Church Member)


RELATE: Learning and practicing how to do relationships God’s way, even if no one else is.

     This is our way of putting relationships first in our church, homes, and individual lives. Haven't you sensed something is missing in modern church? RELATE brings what Jesus had in mind on the cross to reality in our lives. Join us and learn the way of love!

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