Current Message Series

"After the Storm - Pt 3":10/22
Guest Speaker: Dan & JoAnn Rainey

This is My Story, This is My Song

"After the Storm":10/8-11/19,2017

"After the Storm - Pt 1":10/8

Introduction - Interruption

"After the Storm - Pt 2":10/15
Guest Speaker: Samantha "Sam" Horwitz

Creating Courageous Breakthroughs

Other Messages:7/23-10/1

"Living Without Threats":7/23
"Restoring Your Passion":8/6
"Unity: The Church":8/13

"The Truth of Your Dreams":8/20

Guest Speaker: James Steele

"The Cause":8/27
"What Can We Expect from God?":9/3
"Seek First His Kingdom and Righteousness":9/10
"Somebody's Watching Me":9/17
"Soils and Toils":9/24
"God Doesn't Like Rebellion":10/1

Message Series

"Being a Winner":6/11-7/16

1.Go For The Win (Guest Speaker: Brandon McKemy):6/11
2.Winning Fathers:6/18
3.Winning Against Temptation (Guest Speaker: Ryan Steele):6/25
5.Victim or Victor:7/9
6.God's Limited Love:7/16

Other Messages:5/14-6/18

Mother's Day 2017:5/14

Mary & Martha

Memorial Day 2017:5/28

Those Before us
"Jesus, My Super Hero":6/4

Father's Day 2017:6/18

Winning Fathers

Message Series


1.Long-Term Relationships:3/12
2.Revival in Your Life:3/19
3.Cain and Abel:3/26
4.Into the Fire - God's Character:4/2
5.David & Goliath:4/9
6.Jacob & Esau:5/7
7.Mary & Martha:5/14

Other Messages:4/16-4/30

Easter Service 2017

"Alive - Really Alive!":4/16

"Born to Be A Person of Influence":4/23

Guest Speaker: Dale VanSteenis

"From Belief to Know":4/30

Message Series

"Finding Contentment":11/27,2016-1/15,2017

2.Contentment is faith:12/4
3.Three content men:12/11
4.Planting seeds of contentment:12/18
5.Contentment is not complacency:1/1
6.Content with my part:1/8
7.Content without complaining:1/15

"Be ...":1/22-3/5

1.... Respected:1/22
2.... Unique:1/29
3.... Important:2/5
4.... the One:2/12
5.... Courageous:2/19
6.... Wise:2/26
7.... Right:3/5

Messages from 2016:1/3-12/25

"Secret Successes":1/3
Message Series - "Movement in My Life in 2016":1/10-2/7
"Valentine's Day 2016":2/14
"Being a Warrior Christian - Judging Others":2/21
Message Series - "Relationship Parenting":3/6-3/20
"Easter Service 2016":3/27
"Wood, Hay, or Precious Stone":4/3
Message Series - "Stuck?":4/10-5/1
"Mother's Day 2016":5/8
Message Series - "The Saving Church":5/15-6/26
"Father's Day 2016":6/19
Message Series - "Fishing Stories":7/3-9/4
Message Series - "Finding Jesus":9/11-10/2
Message Series - "Daily Faith":10/9-11/13
"Thanksgiving 2016":11/20
Message Series - "Finding Contentment":11/27,2016-1/15,2017
"Christmas 2016":12/25

Messages from 2015:1/4-12/27

Message Series - "Making the Most of My Life in 2015":1/4-2/15
"Easter Service 2015":4/5
Message Series - "Our Stories":5/31-8/16
Message Series - "Culture and Social Issues":10/4-11/15
"Thanksgiving 2015":11/22
"God Feels Good":11/29
"The Knowable God":12/6
"When Jesus Comes":12/13
"Value in Weakness":12/20
"Reaching the Lost - Doing My Part":12/27