Our Pastor

About John Eaton

Psalm 22:10 “…since the moment of birth you’ve been my God.”

John Holding Baby EliPastor John, Jacob, James-David, Laura Ashley, Eli, John Michael, and Emma-Grace

John was at youth camp when he was 14 years old when he sensed a strong call from God to enter the ministry. He went home and sat down at the kitchen table with his mom and shared the encounter with God that he had that week. She began to tell him the story. This was a moment she had anticipated for years.

John was born two months premature. His lungs were underdeveloped along with other complications, and he had very little chance to live. The doctor spoke to the family and explained that John didn’t have a chance of surviving without a blood transfusion. While this grieving mother prayed, she heard God speak to her heart, “Your son will be a minister of My Word.” She kept hearing this inner voice over and over in her spirit and knew God was doing something. Minutes later the doctor came with this report, “We don’t know what just happened, but your baby is showing improvement and he doesn’t even need a blood transfusion!”

Through the years, John prepared himself for ministry and graduated from Central Bible College in Springfield, Missouri. He met his late wife, Angela and they were in full-time pastoral ministries together since graduating college in 1993, until she passed in January, 2022.

In November 2005, they moved with their four children to Frisco, Texas to begin a church plant: Alter Church of Frisco. After building a strong foundation and developing a personal discipleship and relationship building process called RELATE, the Alter Church family is now RELATE Church in Crossroads, Texas.

John has been involved in missions trips to Bulgaria, Romania, Moldova, and Mexico. Along with being the pastor of RELATE Church, he has been a corporate chaplain since 2007 at multiple locations throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. John’s kids, John Michael, Laura Ashley and her husband Jacob, James-David, and Emma-Grace, are strong and successful individuals who all love their church and are dedicated to ministry themselves. And recently they added to the family his first grandchild, Eli Jacob, who was given by God to Laura Ashley and her husband, Jacob.