Our Purpose

Growing relationships with God and people… bringing salvation to all.


  1. How does God live His life and love it?
  2. Can I live and love my life like God does?
  3. What kind of church did Jesus envision while hanging on the cross?
  4. Can we be the church He envisioned on the cross?

RELATE Church is a family of diverse people from various cultures, races, and social and religious backgrounds. We accept and respect God and people just as they are, as we learn and live and practice what God likes and what God doesn’t like.

RELATE life is all about people establishing a relationship with the God of the Bible and living it out with His followers and our community. It’s a life-altering environment with people who are encouraging and patient with one another as we strive to accommodate for God and each other in our lives. Everything is about relationship.

Our conduct as Christians isn’t based on social or religious dos and don’ts. We view God’s commandments as His boundaries for us to have a relationship with Him and with others. If you are interested in growing in a relationship with the God of the Bible, then RELATE will be a refreshing place for you to live, love, and to be involved in God’s family. It’s about relationship, not perfection or pretense. Not man power, but God’s presence.

RELATE is a place where you can let others know you… the real you… and they won’t run. We’ll be your best friends if you let us. Come and enjoy being a part of this loving family. We can’t wait to meet you.

Requirement for Ministry: Must be growing in a relationship with the God of the Bible and His people. We have a strict screening process for those who work with children and youth. We encourage people to get involved with doing what God gifted them to do. It’s an environment where we believe in people, and where we understand that all of us have our past hurts and struggles to overcome.