Volunteer Coordinators

Jerry and Carole's Story

RELATE Church has a vision to get as many people involved in ministry as possible. As the church grows we aspire to have Volunteer Coordinators who develop our people to do the ministry. We believe everyone is called to ministry, and we are going to staff the church with that perspective–paid and volunteer workers. To date we have one couple that has risen to this level of ministry, and we look forward to seeing others pursue their life’s mission with us.

Jerry and Carole Eaton have served Alter Church, and now RELATE Church as full-time volunteers since September 2006. Their primary role is to help people get involved in ministry as the church grows. Currently Jerry also serves by directing the worship team and Carole oversees the nursery. We encourage you to read their amazing story of faith, sacrifice, and commitment to God and this church for which we are eternally grateful.

Jerry and Carole are John’s parents. Jerry retired from Chrysler in 1999. They expected to live the rest of their lives enjoying the beautiful property they acquired in the rolling country hills just outside of St. Louis, Missouri. With acreage, a pond, a new barn, pool table, great fishing spots, a big garden, and close family in the area, they were ready for retirement and enjoying it. They had also bought a travel trailer and started camping at the lake as often as they wanted, living the fun life of retirement and relaxation.

One Sunday they were at church and there was a guest speaker that day. During the altar service, Jerry and Carole were praying in the altar area when she (the guest speaker) came to them and started praying. She then told them something they weren’t expecting to hear. She said, “God has told me that you are going to be doing ministry in some sort of a travel trailer or an RV. Do you have one?” They were amazed at the idea and assumed God was calling them to find ways to minister when they were at the lake.

So the next visit to the lake they began inviting other campers to join them around the campfire for singing. Jerry would play the guitar and they would sing worship songs together. They never dreamed there might be more to that prophecy than that. John and Angela moved to Frisco in November 2005 to start planting Alter Church, which is now RELATE church. The following September, Jerry and Carole came to visit them and God began to speak to them about bringing their travel trailer and staying for a month to help. So they did. They came for a month and stayed. Since then, they upgraded 5th wheels until they finally built a home here and sold their home in Missouri. They are living their true dream…one they never knew they had.

God has provided for them and continues to validate their lives of faith and sacrifice. Thanks for the great story Jerry and Carole! We love and appreciate you!