Your Journey

Journey 1: Relationship

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Week 1
  • About the Bible
  • The Person of God
  • The Greatness of God
  • The Goodness of God
Week 2
  • What is Mankind’s Biggest Problem?
  • Mankind’s Biggest Problem is About Relationship
  • Who is Jesus?
Week 3
  • The Ordinances
  • The Lord’s Table
  • Baptisms

Journey 2: RELATE

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Week 1: Introduction and Reroute My Thinking
Week 2: Elevate Others and List My Threats
Week 3: Accept My Part, Turn From My Sin, and Enlist Accountability

Journey 3: Responsibility

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Week 1
  • What is a Disciple?
  • An Eternal and Incomparable Relationship Invitation
  • You Must Be a Learner to Be Christ’s Disciple
  • From Whom Can We Learn and Be Taught Spiritual Truths?
  • The Lifetime Race to Obtain the Eternal Prize
Week 2
  • Growing in the Fruit of the Spirit
  • Growing in Character
  • Growing in Wisdom
  • Growing in the Joy of Holy Living
Week 3
  • The Responsible and Trustworthy Steward
  • Stewardship Principles
  • Stewardship Areas

Journey 4: Role

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  • Week 1: Briefing You on the Mission of Life
  • Week 2: The Church and Its Mission
  • Week 3: Discovering Your Ministry