Being Our Guest Is Easy

Sunday—When and Where

Sunday morning worship services begin at 9 am and 10:45 am at:
Southern Chapel
5101 FM424
Cross Roads, TX 76227
Nursery and church for the kids too!
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So what specific differences would a person notice during a visit to RELATE Church? Here are a few:

We believe people want to give. We don’t get up and compel or manipulate people to give. The box is in the back of the worship center at the entrance/exit. Give to your heart’s desire and sacrificially. No major spiels are made about it every Sunday.

Salvation is about having true relationships with God through Jesus Christ, and people (see We Believe). It’s not about crying for forgiveness or us trying to make you feel guilty. It’s about the truth that we are all sinners and we need encouragement to connect our sin with God.

We stress the need to learn how to have long-term relationships with people—especially God’s people. Deciding to be a person who forgives and knows how to reconcile relationships. We don’t adhere to the modern concept that my sin is between God and me alone. Sin is sin because it hurt someone… whereas, I need to go and help the person my sin hurt and make it right with them.

We don’t hide our sin. Well, most of the time… We are a family. And we confess our sins to one another, and still love each other. There’s nothing better than having the opportunity to love someone who just confessed their sin to you or the feeling of being loved by someone who knows the real you and all your failures. It’s amazing!

Our pastor is touchable. We don’t follow a celebrity or a wanna-be. He doesn’t dress like Hollywood, and doesn’t preach with a preacher’s voice. He knows what it’s like to have his car break down, his children fighting in the store, and to come to church with a dirty old car. He knows how to change his own brakes, oil, stretch a penny, and how to make use of whatever is at hand. What you see is what you get. Feel free to call John today at (214) 733-3069.

Our doctrine doesn’t have any gaping, annoying, unexplainable, or divisive holes in it. Every church seems to have at least one extreme position on something that defines them, or connects them with a denomination. Our extreme position, the one defining thing we stand strong on, is that it is all about relationships: relationships with God and people. This interpretation of Scripture seems to leave no gaping holes in our doctrine in any way. It bypasses the Arminian, Calvinism, once saved always saved, and other huge debates that leave people frustrated. The questions are: Do you accept God for who He is, do you want a growing relationship with Him, and are you learning to love people and have long-term relationships?

We have imperfect people doing ministry and know it. The truth is, every church has imperfect people filling every position because they are all people. Even the pastor. The only requirement for ministry (except with children and youth) is that the person is growing in their relationship with the God of the Bible. We are responsible to have strong enough relationships with each other to know that each of us are growing, encouraging one another on to good deeds. It is only through Jesus are we made righteous.